“Another group of 60 (I was with this group) rented a ‘rock star bus’ (from DJ Specialists and Limousine, Scott was wonderful) and went to Grand Haven for walk along breakwater, to lighthouse for sunset (that was perfect—no clouds, no waves; I told them Lake Mich is ALWAYS like that in October!) then to Kirby House for dinner or the restaurant of their choice on Washington Ave. Kirby house wanted us to set the menu but we didn’t want to do that. They were prepared for us and we were all out on time to catch bus home.”

–Jane E. Reagan, MPA.  Department Specialist, Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education.  10/30/2013

"Working with you over the years has been a real pleasure. You are a real Professional. Keep up the good work."

KENNY GORDON/ Producer/ Entertainer

"Nice job installing my music sound system. Hats off to you and your family for providing Professional Musical service over the years."


"The dj was very very good at his job"

Clell T.  Lansing, MI 7/14/2007

"Unfortunately, we didn't get to really see David VanPutten in action for very long because people didn't not stay after the dinner to dance. They left. The short time he did play, it did a good job. He was very kind and accommodating. His equipment seemed state of the art and he seemed pretty ept at it."

Kristina D.  Grand Rapids, MI  9/29/2007

Over the years we have performed at over 1000 venues, including limousine services.  Here are lists of Banquets & Resturants and Schools that we have provided services for.

An Unsolicited Testimonial:

Dear DJ Specialists and Limousine:

Thank you very, very much for providing a quality, professional driver for the Adams wedding reception shuttle service! DJ Specialists and Limousine was truly "at our service"!

Everything worked out perfectly! Rex (your driver) was a perfect lady's and gentleman's gentleman, shuttling our guests from the church parking lot to the reception at their Heritage Hill District home in Grand Rapids that beautiful (and I might add spotlessly clean!) Lincoln limousine. Everyone commented how courteous the driver was, introducing himself and helping our older guests with disabilities and their packages. This was my perfect wedding gift to my sister and new brother-in-law, as they had absolutely nothing to worry about guest traffic and where everyone was to park. Guests parked easily at the church parking lot a few blocks away and were whisked away to the reception in comfort and style! What a scene to have the limousine pull up in front of their house and unload guests and their gifts every 10-15 minutes! I'm certain to hear about this for many years to come from family, friends and guests what a great gift the reception limo service was. Worth every dollar in smiles and gossip!

So I thought it nice to pass some of the compliments on to you and your driver Rex. Thank you very much for providing a quality service and professional drivers that match. I'm sure you will get many recommendations for your services from our guests in the future!

Best Regards,

J. Kusmierz, President, Active Plastics, Inc. and brother of the Bride